For Children, Teens & Adults

Many people wonder about the difference between dentistry and orthodontics. Dental treatment focuses on the health of your teeth, while orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that concentrates on something called malocclusions – which simply means how your teeth fit together.
Orthodontic treatment can be necessary to repair:
•    Improper bites
•    Jaw misalignment
•    Teeth crowding
•    Overbites and underbites
•    Crooked teeth
•    Facial reconstruction
The most common way we treat orthodontic problems is by applying braces to your teeth.
Braces work by forcing your teeth into their proper alignment, on an average rate of one millimeter per month. With all the advances in the field of orthodontics, your options are many – including:
•    Traditional archwire and brackets
•    Archwire and elastics
•    Removable retainers
•    Expanders
•    Headgear
•    Facemask
•    Invisalign trays
Come in today for a consultation – and we’ll let you know which orthodontic treatment is best for you.